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Prose Edda - Skáldskaparmál

The Prose Edda translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, from 1916

Section Reference 70

Heiti for the earth

Which are the simple terms for Earth? She is called Earth, as Thjódólfr sang:

The hardy Point-Rain's Urger
Oft caused the harsh sword-shower,
Ere under him the broad Earth
With battle he subjected.

Field, as Óttarr sang:

The Prince guards the Field:
Few kings are so mighty;
Óleifr fattens the eagle,
Foremost is the Swedes' King.

Ground, as Hallvardr sang:

The broad Ground, 'neath the venom-cold Adder
Bound, lies subject to the Warrior
Of the Island-Fetter's heaped gold;
The Hone-Land's Lord the hoard dispenseth.

Haudr, as Einarr sang:

Brave heroes are defending
The hard Haudr of famous princes
With the sword; oft splits the helmet
Before the furious edge-storm.

Land, as Thórdr Kolbeinsson sang:

The Land, after the battle,
Was laid low from Veiga northward
To Agdir south, or farther:
Hard is song in conflict.

Fief, as Óttarr sang:

Thou, fierce War-Staff, maintainedst
The Fief despite two Monarchs
With heroes' kin. where the ravens
Starved not; keen-hearted art thou.

Hlödyn, as Völu-Steinn sang:

I remember how murky earth yawned
With graven mouth for the Sender
Of the Gold-Words of the Giant
Of the hard bones of Green Hlödyn.

Country, as Úlfr Uggason sang:

But the flashing-eyed stiff Edge-Rope
Of the Earth stared past the gunwale
At the Rowan-Tree of the Country
Of Stone, the Giant-Tester.

Fjörgyn,15 as is said here:

I was faithful to the free Payer
Of the stream-bed of Fjörgyn's Serpent;
May honor be closely guarded
By the Giver of the Giant's Stream-gold.

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