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Hænsna-Þóris Saga

The Story of Hen-Thorir from an 1891 translation into English by William Morris and Eiríkr Magnússon

Section Reference 6

Thorir would make a Case against Blundketil
Now shall we tell what Thorir fell to : he gat him gone from home with Helgi his Foster-son, and they ride to Northtongue, and are greeted there wondrous well, and Arngrim asks for tidings. Thorir answered: "I have heard of nought newer than the robbery." "Nay, now, what robbery?" said Arngrim.

Thorir answered: "Blundketil has robbed me of all my hay so that there is hardly a wisp left to throw to the neat in the cold weather."

"Is it so, Helgi?" asked Arngrim.

"Not one whit," said Helgi; "Blundketil did right well in the matter." And therewith he told how the thing had gone between them.

Then said Arngrim ; "Yea, that is more like; and the hay that he hath gotten is better bestowed than that which shall rot on thine hands."

Thorir answered: "In an evil hour I offered; fostering to thy child ; forsooth, whatsoever ill deed is done to me in mine own house none the more, shall I be righted here, or holpen at thine hands; a mighty shame is that to thee."

Arngrim answers: "Forsooth, that, was a rash deed from the first, for I wot that in thee I have to do with an evil man."

"Nay, words will not slay me," said Thorir; "but I am ill content that thou rewardest my good deeds in such wise ; but so it is that:what men rob from me is taken from thee no less." They parted with things in such a plight. Thorir rides away, and comes to Broadlairstead, where Odd greeted him well, and asked for tidings.

"Nought have I heard newer than the robbery," said Thorir. "Nay, now, what robbery?" said Odd.

Thorir. answered : "Blundketil took all my hay, so that my store is clean gone; and I would fain have thy furtherance; moreover, the matter toucheth thee, whereas thou art a ruler in the countryside, to right what is wrong; and thou mayest call to mind withal that he hath made himself thy foe."

Odd asked: "Is it so, Helgi?" He answered that Thorir had wrested the matter clean away from the truth, and he set forth how the whole thing had gone. Odd answered "I will have nought to do with it; I should have done likewise if need had been." Said Thorir: "'True is the saw that saith, 'Best but to hear of woeful thanes;' and this also: 'A man's foes are those of his own house.'"

Therewithal rides Thorir away, and Helgi with him, and home he fareth ill-content.

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