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Laxdæla Saga

The Story of the Laxdalers a 1903 translation into English by Robert Proctor

Section Reference 72

Now after Bolli and Thorleik were made at one with the sons of Olaf, and Thorleik had been one winter in Iceland, then Bolli gave out that he was minded to fare abroad. Snorri would let him from going: Methinks there is much risk how things may go with thee. Now, if thou art fain to have greater rule than thou bearest already, I will give thee a holding and build a house for thee, and therewith put a chieftainship into thy hand and hold thee for a man of worship in all wise; it is like that this will be easy, inasmuch as most men are well minded toward thee. Then saith Bolli: This have I long had in my heart, to go from home for a time: methinks a man is but few-learned if he wot nought of the world wider than Iceland here. But when Snorri sees that Bolli is fully set hereon, and that he may not avail to let him, then Snorri biddeth him to have goods as much as he will for his journey. Bolli said that he would not naysay this, to have much goods: I will, quoth he, be bedesman to no man, be it here or in the outlands. A little after he and Snorri had thus spoken together, Bolli rideth south to Whitewater in Burgfirth : he buys half that ship from those men who had the charge of her; so now both those brethren owned the ship together. Now rides Bolli westward again. Bolli and Thordis had one daughter: she hight Herdis: that may Gudrun bade to fostering: she was then one winter old when she fared to Holy fell. Thordi likewise was ofttimes there, for Gudrun loved her full well.

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