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Prose Edda - Skáldskaparmál

The Prose Edda translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, from 1916

Section Reference 59

Men referred to as trees

Man is periphrased in tree-metaphors, as we have written before; he is called Rowan, or Tester, of Weapons, or of Combats, of Expeditions and of Deeds, of Ships, and of all that which he wields and tests; thus sang Úlfr Uggason:

But the flashing-eyed stiff Edge-Rope
Of the Earth stared past the gunwale
At the Rowan-Tree of the people
Of Stone, the Giant-Tester.

Tree and Beam, as Kormákr sang:

The Beam of the murdering Sword-Twig
Is taller than are many
In the Din of Darts; the sword wins.
The land for dauntless Sigurdr.

Grove, as sang Hallfredr Troublous-Skald:

The Mighty Grove and Faithful
Of the Shield-Murderer, budded
With hair, stands in the Eastlands
Safe with Ullr's Ash-Warriors.

Here he is also called Ash.

Box, as Arnórr sang:

The Box of Ships bade the Rygir
Bring the shields together
At early dusk; through the spear-rain
Of strife-clouds held the autumn night.

Ash, as Refr sang:

The Strife-Lord, gracious Giver,
Sought the Maid's bed gold-sprinkled;
The Ash of Odin's War-Sleet
Won the estate of manhood.

Maple, as here:

Hail, Maple of the Ice-Lumps
Of the Hand!' So spake the Birnie.

Tree, as Refr sang:

Since I have appointed
To proffer Odin's Breast-Sea,
The War-God's Verse, to Thorsteinn;
The Tree of Swords so wills it.

Staff, as Óttarr sang:

Thou, fierce War-Staff, maintainedst
Maugre two kings, thy borders

With heroes' kin, where the ravens
Starved not; keen-hearted art thou.

Thorn, as Arnórr sang:

He gathered, the young Wealth-Thorn,
Many great heaps of corpses
For the eagles, and his henchmen
Guided and helped the hero.

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