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Laxdæla Saga

The Story of the Laxdalers a 1903 translation into English by Robert Proctor

Section Reference 61

The next Lord's-day thereafter was leet-day. Thorgils rode to the leet with his following. Snorri was not at the leet; a very great company was there. That day Thorgils came privily to speech of Thorstein the Black. It is as thou wottest, saith he, that thou wast in the onset with those sons of Olaf when Bolli Thorleik-son was slain; and thou hast made no boot in that matter to his sons. Now though it is long since these things came to pass, yet methinks it has not past out of the memory of those who took part in that faring. Now those brethren deem that it would be least seemly for them to move aught against the sons of Olaf for their kinship's sake. Now it is the mind of those brethren to turn to avenging them on Helgi Hardbeinson, since he it was who dealt Bolli his bane-wound. Now will we offer thee this, Thorstein, that thou take part in this faring with these brethren and buy for thyself atonement therewith. Then answers Thorstein : This beseems me not, saith he, to deal in guileful redes against Helgi my sister's man: far liefer will I give mickle for my peace, so as it may be held full requital. Methinks those brethren are but little fain, said Thorgils, to do this for increase of goods. Moreover thou must not hide this from thyself, Thorstein, that thou hast here the choice of two things in thy hands, either to take part in this journey, or to endure the worst that may be so soon as they may bring it about. I would that thou shouldst take the first choice: though thou art bound to Helgi, yet must every man look to himself whenas he cometh into such straits. Then spake Thorstein: Shall such choice be given to others of them that are in the blood-suit against the sons of Bolli? Thorgils answers and says that Lambi must also choose in like manner. Thorstein said that he might think better of it if he should not stand alone in this business. Now Thorgils calleth Lambi to speech with him : he biddeth Thorstein hearken to their talk together. Then saith Thorgils: Of that same business will I take rede with thee, Lambi, as I have before done with Thorstein. What boot wilt thou make to the sons of Bolli for the bloodsuit that they have against thee? for this is told us in good sooth that thou didst smite Bolli. This too is against thee, that thou art sackbitten all the more in that thou didst egg on much that Bolli should be slain; yet thou hadst the most cause thereto next after the sons of Olaf. Then asks Lambi how he may make atonement. Thorgils saith that the same choice shall be given him as to Thorstein, to wit, that he should join in the faring with those brethren, whereas they were minded to seek for vengeance on Helgi Hardbeinson. Then answereth Lambi: Ill peace-price I deem that and unmanly: I am all uneager for this faring. Then spake Thorstein : No such simple matter is it, Lambi, to sunder thyself so quickly from the faring: because here are great men in the affair, and such as are of mickle worthy and they deem that they have long been set over a maimed lot. And it is told me of those sons of Bolli that they are right valiant men and full of masterfulness, and they have mickle to wreak. We may not be otherwise minded than to do somewhat to clear ourselves after so great a deed : men will also (quoth Thorstein) lay on my neck the more part of the wite on account or the ties that are between us twain and Helgi. So methinks is it the way with most men, that they let all go sooner than life; and that trouble is first to be felt that soonest cometh to hand. Spake Lambi: Plainly do I hear how thy wishes lie, Thorstein. I am well of mind also that thou shouldst rule herein if it seem so simple to thee; because long have we had mickle fellowship in trouble together. But this I will claim, if I yield herein, that those kinsmen of ours, the sons of Olaf, shall be in peace if the avenging goeth forward upon Helgi. Thorgils said he would yeasay that on the part of those brethren. Now this is agreed upon, that Thorstein and Lambi shall take rede for the faring with Thorgils. Now they bespake among them that they should come early on the third day-to Tongue in Horddale. After this they sundered their speech together. Now rideth Thorgils home that evening to Tongue. Now wears the time that Thorgils had bespoken, when those men should come to meet him that were minded to fare with him. On the third morning before sunrise came Thorstein and Lambi to Tongue, Thorgils greeteth them well.

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