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Laxdæla Saga

The Story of the Laxdalers a 1903 translation into English by Robert Proctor

Section Reference 42

After this Kjartan and Bolli sundered. Gizur and Hjalti sail from Norway and speed well in the voyage: they come at the Thing-time to the Westman-isles, and fare to the mainland: they summoned their kinsfolk together and spake with them. Then fare they to the Althing and set forth the faith to men, both a long message and fair-Worded, and then all men in Iceland took the faith. Bolli rode to Herdholt from the Thing with Olaf his kinsman; he welcomed him much blithely. Bolli rode to Bathstead for his disport when he had been but a short while at home: he was well greeted there. Gudrun first asked him closely of his journeying, and next of Kjartan. Bolli gave full and free answer to all that Gudrun asked him: he said that of his journey no tidings were to tell: but as for Kjartan, mickle joy is it to say the sooth of his good hap; for he is at the court of Olaf the king, and is held there in greater worship than any other man. But it will be not unlooked for by me though we have here in the land little news of him this next winter. Then Gudrun asks whether aught bore on this other than the friendship betwixt him and the king. Bolli tells what was the talk of men concerning the friendship between him and Ingibjorg the king's sister, and said that it was much his mind that the king would rather give Ingibjorg to him than let him go, if he must make his choice. Gudrun said that these were good tidings: only so will Kjartan have his due, if he gets him a good wife. Then she let the talk drop, went away and was full red; but others misdoubted whether she deemed the tidings so good as she gave them out to be. Bolli abideth at home at Herdholt this summer, and had won much renown by this journey: all his kinsfolk and acquaintance set great store by his valiancy. Bolli had brought moreover much wealth out with him. He came ofttimes to Bathstead and talked with Gudrun. One time Bolli asked Gudrun how she would answer him, if he made suit for her. Then saith Gudrun quickly: Of such a thing must thou not think, Bolli: to no man may I be wedded while I know that Kjartan is alive. Bolli answers: Our boding is that thou wilt have to sit some winters manless, if thou art to abide Kjartan: he had the chance moreover of sending some message by me if he deemed the matter one of exceeding great weight. So they sundered after some more words said, and each of them held to his own way. Then Bolli rides home.

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