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Hænsna-Þóris Saga

The Story of Hen-Thorir from an 1891 translation into English by William Morris and Eiríkr Magnússon

Section Reference 7

Of Thorwald, Odd-a-Tongue's Son
Thorwald, the son of Odd-a-Tongue, had come ashore that summer in the north country, and had guested there through the winter; but as it drew toward summer, he fared from the north to go see his father and abode a night at Northtongue in good cheer. Now there was a man guesting there already, called Vidfari, a gangrel man who went from one corner of the land to the other; he was nigh akin to Thorir, and like to him in mind and mood. So that same evening he gathered up his clothes and took to his heels, and ran away and stayed not till he came to Thorir, who welcomed him with open arms, saying "Surely something good will come to me of thy homing." He answered: "That may well be, for now is Thorwald Oddson come to Northtongue, and is a-guesting there now."

Said Thorir: "I thought I saw somegood coming to me from thine hands, so well was all with me!"

So weareth the night, and the first thing on the morrow rideth Thorir with his foster-son to North-tongue : thereto was come much folk, but the lad had a seat given to him; while Thorir wandered about the floor.

Now Thorwald, a-sitting on the dais, sets eyes on him as he talks privily to Arngrim, of whom he asketh: "What man is he wandering about the floor yonder?"

Arngrim answereth: "That is my son's fosterer" "Yea," says Thorwald; " why shall he not have a seat then?"

Arngrim says: "That is no matter of thine."

"Well, it shall not be so," says Thorwald and he lets call Thorir to him therewith, and gives him a seat beside himself, and asks for the tidings most spoken about. Thorir answered : "Sore was I tried whereas Blundketil robbed me."

"Are ye at one on it?" said Thorwald.

"Far from it," said Thorir.

"How cometh it, Arngrim," said Thorwald, "that ye great men let such shameful doings go on?"

Arngrim answered: "It is mostly lies, and there is but little in the bottom of the matter."

"Yet it was true that he had the hay?" said Thorwald,

"Yea," said Arngrim, "he had it sure enough."

"Every man has a right to rule his own," says Thorwald; "and withal your friendship for him goes for little if thou let him be trodden under foot."

"Thou art dear to my heart, Thorwald," said Hen Thorir, "and my heart tells me'that thou wilt right my case somewhat."

Said Thorwald: "I am but feeble to lean on."

Thorir said: "I will give thee half my wealth for the righting of my case, that I may have either outlawry or self-doom, so that my foes may not sit over mine own."

Arngrim said: "Do it not, Thorwald, for in him ye have no trusty fellow to backup; and 'in Blundketil thou wilt have to do with a man both wise and mighty, and well befriended on all sides."

"I see," said Thorwald, "that envy hath got hold of thee for my taking of his money, and that thou grudgest it me."

Said Thorir: ''Consider, Thorwald, that my wealth will be found to be in good kind and other men wot that far and wide money for mine own goods is withheld from me."

Arngrim said: "I would fain hinder thee still; Thorwald, from taking up this case, but thou must even do as it seemeth good to thee ; I misdoubt me though, that things great and evil will come of this."

Thorwald answers: "Well, I will not refuse wealth offered."

Now hansels Thorir half his wealth to him, and therewith the case against Blundketil.

Then spake Arngrim again: "How art thou minded to set about the case?" Thorwald answered: "I shall first go see my father, and take counsel with him."

"Nay," said Thorir, "that is not to my mind: I will not hang back now I have staked so much hereon; I will have you go summon Blundketil forthwith tomorrow." Thorwald answereth : "It will be seen of thee that thou art no lucky man, and ill will be born of thee; yet now thou must needs have thy way."

So he and Thorir bind themselves to meet on the morrow at a place appointed.

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