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Hænsna-Þóris Saga

The Story of Hen-Thorir from an 1891 translation into English by William Morris and Eiríkr Magnússon

Section Reference 5

Blundketil would buy Hay of Hen Thorir
Now when One-month was come came two more of Blundketil's tenants to him; they were somewhat better to do, but their hay had failed them now, arid they prayed him to deliver them. He answered and said that he had not wherewithal, and that he would slaughter no more beasts. Then they asked if he knew of any man who had hay to sell, and he said he knew not for certain; but they drive on the matter, saying that their beasts must; die if they get no help of him ; he said : "It is your own doing; but I am told that Hen Thorir will have hay to sell."

They said : "We shall get nought of him unless thou go along with us, but he will straightway sell to us if thou become our surety in the bargain."

He answers: "I may do as much as to go?with you, for it is meet that they should sell who have."

So they fare betimes in the morning, and there was a drift of wind from the north, which Was somewhat cold ; master Thorir was standing without at the time, and when he saw folk coming toward the garth, in he walks again, shuts to the door, draws the bolt, and goes to his day-meal. Now was the door smitten on, and the lad Helgi took up the word and said : "Go thou out, foster-father, for here be men come to see thee." Thorir said he would eat his meat first; but the lad ran from the table, and came to the door and greeted the new-comers well. Blundketil asked ,if Thorir were within and the lad said that so it was. "Bid him come out to us then" said Blundketil. The lad did so, and said that Blundketil was without, and would seeThorir. He answered: "Wherefore must Blundketil be sniffing about here? It is wondrous if he come for any good. I have nought to do with him." Then goes the lad and says that Thorir will not come out. "Then shall we go in" said Blundketil.

So they go into the chamber and are greeted there; but Thorir held his peace. "Things are come to this, Thorir" said Blundketil "that we would buy hay of thee."

Thorir answered: "Thy money is no better to me than mine own."

"That is as it may be," said Blundketil. Thorir said: "How comest thou, rich man as thou art, to lack hay?". "Nay, I am not come to that,"said Blundketil; "I am dealing for my tenants here, who verily need help, and. I would fain get it for them if it were to be got." Said Thorir: "Thou art right welcome to give to others of thine own, but not of mine."

Blundketil answered: "We will not ask a gift: let Odd and Arngrim be thine umpires, and I will give thee gifts moreover."

Thorir said: "I have no hay to sell;, and, moreover, I will not sell it." Then went Blundketil out, and those fellows and the lad with them; and then Blunketil took up the word and said : "Which is it, that thy foster-father has no hay, or that he will not sell it?"

"Hay enough he has to sell if he would," answers the lad. Blundketil said: "Bring us to where the haystacks are."

He did so, and then Blundketil made a reckoning of the fodder for Thorir's stock, and made out that if they were all stall-fed up to the time of the Althing, there would still be of the hay five stacks over; so herewith they go in again, and Blundketil says: " I reckon about thy stock of hay, Thorir, that if all thy beasts were fed at stall till the Althing, there would yet be a good deal left over; and that would I buy of thee.' Thorir answered : "And ' what shall I do for hay next winter then, if it is like this or worse?" Says Blundketil: "I will give thee the choice to take just the same lot of hay and no worse in the summer, and I will bring it into thy garth for thee."

Thorir answered: "If thou hast no store of hay now, why shouldst thou have more in the summer? but I know there is such odds of might between us, that thou mayest take my hay in despite of me if thou wilt."

Blundketil answers: "That is not the way to take it: thou wottest that silver goeth in all the markets of the land here, and therein will I pay thee."

"I will not have thy silver," said Thorir.

"Then take thou such wares as Odd and Arn-grim shall award thee," said Blundketil.

"Here are but few workmen," said Thorir, "and I like going about but little, nor will I be dragged hither and thither in such dealings."

Blundketil answereth: " Then shall I let bear the goods home for thee." Thorir said: "I have no house-room for them, and they shall certainly be spoilt.

Answereth Blundketil: "I shall get thee hides, then, to do over them, so that they shall be safe."

Thorir answers: "I will not have other men scratching about in my storehouses."

Says Blundketil: "Then shall they be at my house through the winter, and I will take care of them for thee."

"I know all thy babble now," said Thorir, "and

I will in no wise deal with thee;"

Blundketil said: "Then must things go a worser road; for the hay will we have all the same, though thou forbid it, and lay the price thereof in its stead, making the most of it that we are many."

Then Thorir held his peace, but his mind was nothing good. Blundketil let take ropes and bind up the hay, and then they hove it up in loads on to the horses and bore it away; but made up the price in full

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