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Prose Edda - Gylfaginning

The Prose Edda translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur, from a 1916

Section Reference 19

About the difference between summer and winter

Then said Gangleri: "Why is there so much difference, that summer should be hot, but winter cold?" Hárr answered: "A wise man would not ask thus, seeing that all are able to tell this; but if thou alone art become-so slight of understanding as not to have heard it, then I will yet permit that thou shouldst rather ask foolishly once, than that thou shouldst be kept longer in ignorance of a thing which it is proper to know. He is called Svásudr24 who is father of Summer; and he is of pleasant nature, so that from his name whatsoever is pleasant is called 'sweet.'

But the father of Winter is variously called Vindljóni25 or Vindsvalr;26 he is the son of Vásadr;27 and these were kinsmen grim and chilly-breasted, and Winter has their temper."

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