1. Always be aware of where you are,
wherever you go,

As you never know who will be there waiting for you.

Who will be there looking for you.

2. When a guest turns up to your door,

Let them in and treat them well.

You don’t know how their journey has been,

Or what news they bring.

3. Give them a seat,
let them get warm,

Hang up their jacket.

Our weather can make,

A man’s journey miserable.

4. If they need to change their clothes,

Let them change.

Then sit down,
listen to their stories,

And they can listen to yours.

5. Before you go somewhere,
make sure you have something to say.

It’s easy to stay at home,
but no one’s going will listen to you if you do.

As if you don’t know what to say,
or you can’t say much,

Then people will think you don’t know much.

6. But don’t show off,
don’t talk about everything you know,

And everything you have done.

Say just enough to start conversation,
and then you’re more likely to say good things.


7. No one knows everything,
and so listen when you talk.

You’ll be a better brother.

8. Others may not like what you say,

Their advice and opinion isn’t always good and true.

If you’re being true to yourself,

Then trust in what you say.

9. Others advice and opinion isn’t always good and true,

So whilst you should listen,
always use your head.

10. A travelling man cannot bring a greater gift with him than knowledge,

It will serve you better than money in strange places.

11. And keep that head healthy,

Physically and mentally.

That head is the best thing you’ll have,

If you break it,
you won’t be able to get another.

12. Now Beer and mead can make a fool of a man,

It makes a man’s words become unwise,
so know your limits.

13. The more you drink,
the more your wits are replaced by beer and mead,

That’s not a good swap.

14. I’ve been drunk,

We’ve all been drunk,

You may think you’re having a good time,

But when you’re drunk you forget how to act,
to talk,
to walk.

15. But if you buy a round,
and listen,
and talk occasionally,

Then no one will think poorly of you if you go home early and sober.

Buy a round,
and listen,
and talk occasionally,

Being remembered well is better than being remembered drunk.

16. A brother should keep his head clear and only talk when he needs to,

They’ll be arguments to have,
fights to have,
and you’ll die soon enough.

And you’re fooling yourself if you think you can live forever by avoiding fights.

Old age will get you and you will always lose a fight with old age.

17. And a last thing about drinking,

A fool who drinks becomes even dumber.

And tell me,
who would want to listen to such a man?
I’ve said you should listen,
but you don’t listen to fools.

18. Always take the chance to travel,
to ride,
to be outside,

Travelling makes a man much wiser.

You’ll get to know more people,
more places,

You’ll get to know more ways to live.

19. Buy a round,
and listen,
and talk occasionally.

Being remembered well is better than being remembered drunk.

20. When it comes to eating,
eat no more than your share.

People notice the size of a man,
and some will laugh at that.

There’s no need to eat until you can’t eat any more,

Your stomach isn’t like your head.

21. Let’s put it another way,

You’ll never see a fat cow.

I know cows are naturally fat,
but I mean a fatally fat cow.

Cows are stupid but they don’t eat so much as to suffer.

22. A man who laughs at everything lacks knowledge,

There’s not a lot to learn from such a man,
except that he has a lot to learn.

23. Never go to sleep worrying,
worrying is a waste of time,

As when you wake your problems will still be there.

24. And not all who laugh with you are your friend,

They may well laugh at you behind your back.

25. And not all who laugh with you are your friend,

Don’t count on those being there for you if you need them

26. You won’t always be able to think your way out of a problem.

It’s good to think ahead,
but things will often go wrong.

27. If you don’t know what you’re talking about,
then it’s best not to talk.

People will realize when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

28. So listen more,

Talk less,

And people won’t think less of you.

29. Gossiping and rumors won’t make you look smarter either,

They’ll get you into trouble.

30. Respect friends,
even those who owe you money or favors,

And don’t question them on those things.

Think before you talk,
or it’ll come back to hurt you.

No one wants to be hurt for nothing.

31. Sarcasm may seem funny and smart
Especially when aimed at someone else
But taking the piss doesn’t make you smart
You could be doing better things with your time

32. No matter how reserved and respectful a brother is,

There will always be something that will make him want to fight.

Whenever there is more than one man present,

Then there’s always a chance they’ll be a fight.

33. Eat early so you can get on with your day,

Unless you’ve planned to eat with someone later.

A man who isn’t hungry will work harder,

A man who isn’t hungry will think better.

34. Don’t waste your time with people who won’t put as much into a friendship as you.

It’s easier to ride a long way to a friend,
than a short way to a wanker.

35. When a guest,
don’t out stay your welcome.

People like company,
but not too much,
not too often.

So get going,

Before you get on their nerves.

36. Make sure you have a home,

No matter its size,

No matter where it is.

No man should have to rely on others for a place to live.

37. Make sure you have a home,

No matter its size,

No matter where it is.

Otherwise it’ll get you down,
properly down.

38. And be prepared for a fight at all times,

You won’t always be able to tell when someone wants to fight you.

39. A host,
no matter how good,

Will always appreciate the offer of a gift.

40. Spend money on yourself,

It’s no good to you in death.

And besides,
it may not go to whom you want when you die.

Use your money to help you live.

41. Give your brothers gifts,

You know the things they like.

women and song,

And motorbikes.

42. If they give gifts back to you in return,

Then those brothers have your back.

Be friendly to everyone and pay back what you receive,

Good with good,
bad with bad.

43. Be a friend to a friend of your friends,

But never be a friend to the enemy of a friend.

It will damage your friendship and your reputation.

44. If you have a good friend exchange gifts and share your mind with him.

A true friend will openly disagree with you if he has to,

A true friend will make you feel happy with his praise.

45. If there is a friend you don’t trust,

But want something from him,

Then speak kindly.

But don’t be surprised if you then betray that kindness.

46. If there is a friend you don’t trust,

But want something from him,

Feel free to talk to him,
laugh with him,
but be honest,

There aren’t many people you can trust,
just repay him what he gives you.

47. And when you find yourself alone,

You’ll realise its good friends who bring you happiness.

48. Be generous and brave,

And your life will have few regrets.

For those who are always negative or worry,

They will never appreciate when they are given a good thing.

49. Trees without leaves look naked,

Trees on their own look out of place.

And so does a man.

50. A man needs to be dressed properly,

And needs company,

He needs to be part of something,

He needs a purpose or will become lost in life.

51. When you think you have a new friend,

Then within a week you will know if they’re good or bad.

A bad friendship never lasts a week,

A good friendship can last a lifetime.

52. You may not have much,

So don’t feel you have to give much.

Just a cup of tea or a sandwich can be much appreciated at times.

And can gain you a good friend

53. A small ocean needs only small beaches,

And so a small head is one that has little thought.

Every man is different,

And the world needs these different types of men.

54. You don’t need to know everything.

Stupid people seem to be happier people,

And there’s a reason for that.

55. You don’t need to know everything.

Being wise about everything brings with it lots to think about,

Being wise about everything brings with it lots to worry about,

That’s what happens to you if you are too wise.

56. You may know a lot,
but you will never know the future,

Don’t pretend you do,
that will make you look more a fool than a wise man.

Knowing the future is a curse.

Knowing the future will not make you happy.

57. The best way to learn is to talk to your brothers,

And in return they will learn from you.

58. Don’t stay in bed all day,

Business should be done early.

A sleeping wolf won’t catch sheep,

And a sleeping man gets nothing done.

59. Don’t stay in bed all day,

Business should be done early.

Someone else has probably won the things you could of,

If you do.

60. Have some practical skills,

Know electronics,
or carpentry.

Know your seasons,
the special days,

Know when things will be.

61. If you’re off to meet someone,
dress well and be clean.

Don’t leave on an empty stomach.

There’s no shame in not having the best clothes,

But there is in being hungry and for wanting more.

62. Your reputation is everything,

If people see you out and no one knows you,

Then no one will have a thing to say about you.

You’ll be like an eagle stretching,
but it’s not catching a fish.

63. If you have a secret you need to tell,

Then tell just one friend and that secret will remain such.

But tell more than one friend,

And soon everyone will know.

64. There is always someone smarter,
or better than you .

Don’t think you are the best,

As you’ll find out the hard way,

That you’re not.

65. And what you say to others,

That is often what people say about you.

66. Always try to be on time,

Being too late or too early happens,

But being on time gets you respect.

67. Don’t trust a promise until it is delivered,

People aren’t always sincere.

Don’t take anyone at just their word,

If you’re promised something wait until it’s in your hands.

68. A warm home is good for you,
being outside and in the sun is good for you.

These things help you stay healthy.

Never underestimate how good these things are for you,

These things will also make you happy.

69. You can never lose everything,
even though it may feel like it,
you have your health,

Or your children,
or your family,
or your brothers,

Or your money,
or a job well done.

Or something else,
or better.

There is always something.

70. Being alive is better than being dead.

There is no difference between a rich man’s corpse and a poor mans.

71. Being alive is better than being dead,

Be alive and enjoy things,
a man with a broken leg still has his arms,

Broken your arms,
you have your eyes,
can’t see,
you can talk.

Anything about life is better than death.

72. Having children,

Or someone you can call family,

That’s the way you get remembered when you die.

If you have no family,
then who will remember you?

73. In a fight two will always beat one,

So watch your tongue,

And watch your enemy’s hands.

A weapon can easily be hidden under a coat,
or a fist behind a back.

74. The weather can change in day,
in a week,
in a month,

You can’t predict it and you can’t control it.

Be wary of what you trust,

Never trust anything you are not in control of.

75. Some brothers may be poor,
some brothers may be rich,

But you can’t blame other brothers for such things.

So there is no need to talk about such things.

76. Rich men can become poor men,

So don’t count on money in this world.

It can go as quickly as it comes.

77. Your friends will die,

Your family will die,

And you will die the same way.

But if you have a good reputation,
that will survive.

78. Your friends will die,

Your family will die,

And you will die the same way.

What people say about you after your dead,
that will survive.

79. If a fool finds love or money,

He may act differently,

But it doesn’t stop him being a fool.

80. Don’t praise anything that hasn’t finished.

Praise the day when the night has come,

A woman when she is buried,

A gun which has killed in a hunt,

A lady when she is married,

A journey that is completed,

And good mead and beer when drunk.

81. Chop wood when the wind blows,

Sail in good weather,

Find a lover at night,
for he days have many eyes.

In a boat seek speed,

In a shield seek protection,

In a sword seek sharpness,

And from a lady,
her kiss.

82. Drink mead by the fire,

Use skates when crossing ice,

Buy a horse that is healthy,

And a sword that needs work.

Then feed the horse,

And keep a dog at home.

83. Never trust the words of any lady or woman,

Their hearts turn in a moment,

And they never know what they truly want.

84. A tool that breaks,

A burning fire,

A howling wolf,

A screeching raven,

A grunting pig,

A tree without roots,

A swelling sea,

A boiling pot.

85. A flying spear,

Crashing waves,

Newly formed ice,

A coiled snake,

The words of your new bride in bed,

A broken sword,

A playful bear,

The child of a King.

86. A sick calf,

A stubborn colleague ,

Good news from a stranger,

A fresh corpse.

87. Your brother’s killer,
even if you meet him in public.

A half-burned house,

A horse that is too fast,
as if one foot is broken,
it becomes useless.

May you never be so trusting,
as to trust all these things.

88. Never expect an early harvest,

Or put too much trust in your child.

The weather changes often,
and a child needs wisdom.

Neither can be guaranteed.

89. I’ll speak plainly now,

A woman’s words can never be trusted.

Nothing she says should be trusted.

Their hearts are like a meandering potholed country road that you must ride down at night without lights.

They aim to deceive.

90. I’ll speak plainly now.

Men lie to women.

We are most persuasive when we tell the biggest lies.

And can seduce even the wisest women with these lies.

91. A man should speak eloquently,

Offer gifts to a woman whose love he wants,

Praise the body of the beautiful woman he wants,

You will win her heart if you praise her.

92. No brother should mock another for falling in love,

Love sickness strikes harder on a wise man than a fool.

93. No brother should mock another for falling in love,

Love is strong enough to make a fool out of a man who was once wise.

94. And only you know how your heart feels when you are alone.

And nothing is worse for a wise man than to have nothing to love.

95. Here are some words for you my brothers.

Do not rise at night,

Unless you’re spying on your enemies.

Or you need to piss.

96. And do not sleep in the arms of a witch,

Or else you feel you cannot escape.

97. She will enchant you so that you won’t care for advice,

Nor a good friend’s words.

You will want neither food nor the pleasure of that friend’s company,

And you will sleep full of sorrow.

98. Never talk to another man’s wife without his knowledge,

And never want for her love.

A man and his wife have a sacred bond,
and this should never be broken.

For anyone who does such a thing should never be trusted again.

99. You should never let a bad man know of your misfortunes,

For you will never profit for telling him about them.

100. I saw a bad woman’s words stab a man in the back,

Her lying tongue killed his reputation,
and all that with no good cause.

101. If you have a good friend,
one you trust,
visit him often,

An unused road becomes more difficult to travel over time.

102. Never be the first to break a friendship with a good friend,

Sadness and regret will eat up your heart.

Good friends are good company,

Your brothers doubly so.

103. And never exchange words with someone who won’t see reason.

You will never get a reward for speaking with such a man.

104. Cultivate wisdom,
a good memory,
and eloquence,

Speak kind words often,

And people will listen to you.

105. And don’t even speak three words with a man worse than you.

Often the better man will lose when a worse man fights him.

106. Don’t make shoes or weapons except for yourself.

If the shoe or spear or sword is shit,

Your name will be shit.

107. When you are at war,

Call it war,

And give your enemies no peace.

108. Never be glad to hear bad news,

But be happy about good news.

109. You should never look up when you’re in a fight,

Men who do so get distracted,

Men who do so get knocked out.

110. If you want to win a good woman.

Speak cheerfully with her and enjoy it whilst you do.

Make promises to her and keep those promises.

You’ll never regret winning such a prize.

111. I advise you to be wary in life,
though never fearful.

Be most wary about drinking,

About other men’s women,

And about a third thing,
about men and their temptations to steal.

112. If you want to be very wise,

Be happy at home,

Be cheerful with a guest.

113. There is no man so good that he has no faults,

Nor a man so bad he’s good for nothing.

114. Never laugh at an old man,

There is often wisdom in what old men say.

Wise words will often come from a grey bearded mouth.

115. Seek good brothers,
learned brothers,

To teach you knowledge of the heathen ways.

Seek good brothers,
learned brothers,

To teach you about the gods,
their history,
and the runes.

116. It is better not to pray at all than to pray for too much.

It is better to sacrifice nothing than to offer too much.

Nothing will be given that you won’t repay.

Odin said this before men came to this world.

117. These are the words of Odin, and are heard in Valhalla,

To help all men, and which could harm all men.

Good health to you who speak them.

Good health to you who know them.

Good health to you who hear them.

And happiness and health to you who learn them.