The Coronation of Eadgar

From the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, an English translation v2

1. In this year Eadgar was hallowed as king,
sovereign of the Angles, with a mighty cry,
in that olden city, Akeman’s Citadel—
but the island-dwellers name it by another word,
warriors calling it Bath. There great happiness
happened upon that blessed day,
which the children of humanity name
and pronounce the Day of the Pentecost.

There was a crowd of priests,
a great number of monks, as I have heard,
the gathering together of the wise.
And then it was passed ten hundred winters
told by count of number from the birth-tide
of the Glorious King, the Herder of Light,
except there was yet a number of seasons
left, after the scriptures say, seven and twenty years—

so near was a thousand winters gone by
of the Master of Victories, when this occurred.
And the heir of Eadmund had himself
nine and twenty winters old in the world,
hardened by malice-works, when this happened,
and then on the thirtieth was this prince consecrated.